A young Christian woman trying to figure out the world!

The beginning!

This is the first post for my blog.  I’m not sure if anyone will actually read my blog but that is okay because it’s mainly for me.  It’s my diary that I would like feedback and advice on.  So here is some information about me for those who would like to know something about me.  I come from a family of 7 children raised in a Lutheran church going house.  My parents were married for a little over 30 years before my mother passed away almost a year ago from cancer.  I just really started my relationship with God a little over a year ago.  After my mother died I did stop going for a few months, but now I am trying to get back on the right track and live for God!  I now attend a pretty conservative Baptist church and I love it.  The people are great but the most important thing is that I feel in-tune with God when I attend church regularly.  This blog is basically a place where I can air my thoughts on my life.  I’ve found it very difficult to stop doing things that I know I shouldn’t.  We’re supposed to be in the world and making a difference for God but I still need a lot of work before I’m not of the world.  Now you know a little about me and I need to go and finish getting ready for church tonight!


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